sunnuntai 11. joulukuuta 2016


"Blackest Flame"
Deep within the withered souls of night,
Comes winds of past winters darkest heights,
Amid the baron misty forest along frozen pines,
Emerges black flame like some sacred relic in time.
Messages from akasha flow as if some wintry powder,
Realizing it was sent by the demons from our lord father.


"Gentile Spirit"
A lost child, long repressed from being wild,
Afraid to speak out, so as not to be condemned,
Pretends to pray that ends with a redundant amen,
Goat among sheep conceled from the herdish men.
Wiser I learn that lies were truths and truths were lies,
I realize my true God is Lord Satan and Jehovah is a lie.
Destroyed sacred relics that were once our ancestor's pride,
Suppressed ancient knowledge that the Jews continue to hide.
Gentiles of all colors unite, reclaim our pagan ways with might,
Break the chains of pity, and march towards a new Satanic Reich!


Love, touched only once,
Joy, a fleeing chance.

Sorrow, a thorn clung fast,
Grief, an eternity to last.

Destiny, a quip of fate,
Life, abound with hate.

Fallen angel, broken dreams,
A lost soul amidst the Lifestream.

My tears fall, a gentle rain,
How I long to ease your pain.

 Broken angel, haunt me still,
Always, shall I hear your will



Of saviors and saints, 
Of demons and wraths, 
Of hill and mountain tall,  

Of Heaven and Hell, 
Of lives lived well, 
And those who have taken the fall,  

Of blood and tears, 
And of endless years 
Hearing the night-demon's call,  

Of wings and steel, 
Of everything that is real, 
The One-Winged Angel controls all.



Listening to the silence, 
With closed eyes, 
Why so I remember 
Only mindless violence?  

Reaching out into darkness 
With bloodstained hands, 
Why do I feel 
Only inconsolable sadness?  

Looking at the past 
With a empty heart 
Why do I sense 
Only betrayed trust?  

Seeking to create 
With unbending faith 
Why do I see 
Only unceasing hate?  

Dying amidst devastation 
With fleeting regret 
Why do I reap 
Only eternal condemnation?



I opened my eyes 
In the emerald stream 
I repined.  

Shards of the past, 
Reliving in my mind 
I raged.  

The future I craved, 
Wrenched from my hands 
I abided.  

Hollow existence, 
Without time and meaning 
I cursed.  

Forbidden the world, 
Adrift aimless 
I dreamed.


The Wind Spoke to Me  

The wind spoke to me, 
I listened and heard. 
Whispering voices 
That called my name.  

Do you remember? 
They asked me. 
Remember love? 
I had no answer.  

I knew no mother, 
Loved no father. 
I had only myself, 
All alone.  

Have you cared? 
The voices murmered. 
Cared for someone? 
I laughed softly.  

What I have no receive, 
I cannot learn to give. 
Feelings were only weaknesses 
That life has taught me to abhor.  

Am I still human? 
I asked the wind in turn 
A monstrosity? 
I had to know.  

The wind blew itself out, 
The voices died, 
Leaving only the silence 
That was my reply.


Time Has Fallen

Time has fallen, 
Its hands stopped turning. 
Destiny has begun, 
The story unfolding.

A woman has chosen, 
One man's love forsaking. 
A father has sinned, 
His cruelty everlasting.

A man has grown, 
Upon lies unforgiving. 
Love has died 
Long before the truth revealing.

A warrior has fought, 
For his fate unyielding. 
Yet life has gone 
Against him conspiring.

The end has came, 
A one-winged angel dying. 
Time has fallen, 
His story unchanging.


Hymn to Satan
To you, 
principle immense,
matter and spirit,
reason and sense;

while in chalices 
sparkles the wine
same as the soul
into the eye;

while they smile
earth and sun
and they exchange
lovely noun,

a shudder runs
hymen arcane 
throbs from the mountains
fertile plane;

bursts to you 
verse daring,
I invoke you, Oh Satan,
the feast sovereign.

Away your aspersorium,
priest, and your meter!
no, priest, Satan
retreats never!

Look: rusty
is Michael’s ode
mystic wield;
faithful one

plucked archangel
to void falls.
Iced is thunder
in Jehovah’s hands

Pale meteors,
pallid planets,
angels rain
down the heavens.

In the matter
never asleep,
king of events,
king of the forms,

alone lives Satan.
He holds the realm,
in shivering flash
dark is the eye

lingering be
escape and resist
sour and wet
provoke and insist.

Bunches shine
in joyful blood,
thus free joy
waning is not,

that fleeing
life refreshes,
sorrow extends,
to heart love meshes.

You breathe, Oh Satan,
in my verses,
womb erupting
the god you faces

king of pontiffs,
king of the fierces:
like a thunder
minds you shakes.

To you, Agramainius
Adonis, Ashtart,
marbles lived
canvas and papers,

when Ionian
fair auras
Venus delighted

To you Lebanese
plants humming for,
Cyprian soul
lover reborn:

Humming to you 
dances and choirs,
to you virginic
candid the loves

among scented
Idumian palm trees
where white
cyprian spume is.

As barbarous is
the nazarene
agapes’ fury 
ritual obscene

by holy torches
your temples he burned
and Argives signs
aground he scattered?

Refugee You embraced
in Lares divines
the grateful people
in their farmhouses.

then feminine
womb throbbing
fervidly fill
divine and loving,

pale witch
eternal by care
you go and assist
ailing they were.

You to the firm
alchemist eye,
you to the wild
magus portray

disclose the shining
times reborn
the dark cloister
gates beyond.

In Thebes
you, in affairs
fleeing the monk
concealing he tries.

Oh per your mean
soul divided,
benevolent is Satan:
Eloise has arrived.

Macerate in vain
in the sour sack:
verse he whispers
Marus and Flaccus

in davidic
cry and lullabye;
and, delfic forms,
to you sings by,

pink as in awful
black association,
leads Licoride,
leads Glicera.

By different form
by brighter age
so now is crowded
the non-sleeping cage.

He, in pages
Livius fiery has
consuls and tribunes,
trembling the mass

Awake; fantastic
italic pride
you, oh monk,
to Capitol incite.

And you, rabid stake
never consumed,
prophetic voices,
Wiclef and Husse,

At dawn
alert you shriek:
renovated is the century,
age at its peak.

Yet tremble
rifles and crowns:
advances from cloister
rebellion waves,

and preaches and fights
under the stole
of fra’Girolamo

Thrown the robe
Martin Luther:
throw your restrictions,
human thought,

and shine and sparkle
in fire wrapped;
oh matter, raise:
Satan prevailed.

A wonderful atrocious
monster rushes,
runs on the oceans,
runs on the earth:

sparkling and smoking
volcano as strikes,
climbs on the mountains, 
devours on the planes,

flies on the abyss;
hidden he stays
unknown caves
profound ways;

and comes out; wild
place to place  
like a tornado 
his yells embrace

like a tornado
spreading the breath:
he is passing, oh people, 
Satan the great;

benevolent he goes
place to place
on his relentless 
chariot of fire..         

Hail, Oh Satan,
oh rebellion,
oh avenging power
of the reason!

Raise to you holy 
vows and incense, good!
You defeated Jehovah
of the priesthood.


Forces of the Inferno come,

Welcome me into thy home.

Battles rage o're Heavens and Earth.

Make me thine soldier at every birth.

Hail to those of the Black Sun,

Rest not till the victory's won!

Adversary Jews be bound,

As our hymns of triumph sound!

Doth from Father forth we come,

To make all realms our kingdom.

Boundless shall our kingdom be,

Lasting through all eternities!

Brightly doth does Lucifer shine!

Glorious is his light, divine.

Nothing can o're-cloud his light,

Ever be our faith thus bright!


The one in white,
The bringer of Light,
Warm and kind,
Like the sun so bright,
His auras' golden shine,
Reveals truth,
I see my fight,
With truth revealed,
Released my binds,
I feel so free,
Like I'm in flight.         


I walk Into the Darkness,

and bow before thy king,

I shatter my innocence abrubtly,

and quickly grow my wings.

The demons fill my body,

and I hear the cherubs cry.

I finally feel important,

I'll have a place when I die.

I shed my outer layer, and the evil shines through me,

I finally have a passion, I forever belond to he.

The blood drips down my bossom,

and I lick of all the wounds.

I take one last look back,

it will be official very soon.


The moon is full and shining
It fills us with delight
It's time we went out hunting
We children of the night

Listen to us calling
The night is clear and still
And nature sits with bated breath
As we run down our kill

The mystery of our Moon Song
Will fill your heart with dread

Late at night I can feel the emptiness
Close my eyes for a second, and there it is 
Slowly killing me on the inside
It's everywhere; I can't hide

I'm running from something invisible
I tried to kill it but its invincible 
When its shadow claws reach out for me 
I cannot breath easily 

My silent screams 
Are worse than bad dreams