torstai 8. syyskuuta 2016

My palette collection

I noticed that I have quite the few palettes in my collection now, and thought I would make a post about them. Maybe a mini review at the same time? Yup.

So I'll start with my drugstore/affordable palettes.

This is a random ebay palette. It's actually good, very good pigment, the glitter wont fly everywhere and it stays on all day. Cost me about 4 euros.. :D

This is W7 in the nude- palette. I haven't tried it out yet, but the swatches are very promising. 

This is W7 in the smoke-palette and I LOVE IT. I highly recommed this one.

These are two sleek palettes. First one is A new day, the second one is Del mar 2. Great palettes!

The left one is wet 'n' wild palette, right one is essence Hello autumn-palette. Haven't used these ones yet either, but the swatches look good. 

This is my small z-palette, it has eyeshadows from wet 'n' wild, makeup geek and morphe.

More sleek palettes, first one is Sunset, second one is Oh so special. Highly recommend!

This is morphe 35E palette. Great neutral tones, and many greys to play around with. I use this almost every day. Love it!

This is L.A Girl blush collection palette in Glam. I don't recommend this. Bronzer is horrible, blushes are patchy and the highlight is just glitter. 

This is Viva la diva's Nudie palette. A urban decay naked- kind of palette. I actually like it a lot, and it has the best black I have ever tried. 

Kat von d's monarch palette, worth every penny. As with any Kat von d products.

Kat von d Shade and light palette.

Kat von d Chrysalis palette

The balm Nudetude palette. Hated it. No pigment at all.  

Sugarpill palettes, love love looooove these! Amazing pigment, blends easily, not overpriced and the white is so supremely white it scares me. 

And finally, the Urban decay Electric palette. Love this too.