keskiviikko 27. heinäkuuta 2016

Recent thingies

So it's been a while since I last updated my blog. Summer has been quite good this year, so I have been trying to stay off the computer. The snake eggs are doing great, only one egg has some tiny spots. I'm not sure yet if it's mold or just water drops. We'll see if it starts getting moldy, I'll remove it from the clutch if that happens. Still have about a month before they should hatch, seems like they have been in the incubator forever! I went to visit my mom for about a week. We went sup-boarding and had nice food, went swimming and just spend quality time together.

Then I went to Joensuu for a week. I found some really cheap buss tickets so I decided to visit my grandma, dad and friends. I had an amazing time, though I think I was drunk half the trip.. :D I really, really miss my grandma so it was lovely seeing her. She's getting old and I'm kind of worried that she doesn't have much time left on this plane. Of course it was nice seeing my dad too! He's coming here on August, finally. He hasn't seen my home or even Juha, ever. But that's how it is when you live over 500km away from each other. I'm really looking forward of him coming here. ^^ I saw some friends too, and made a few new ones. We had a blast, two days roaming around in the bars and listening to good music. I might have also drank some absinthe but that's a story for another time. 

I spent yesterday at the beach and I'm going again tomorrow. Felt so good to swim after a long time and just hang out. I have been updating my youtube channel atleast once a week, this week I think I'm going to film a makeup haul and first impressions video. Haven't decided yet which to put up first. This is my latest one;

We have been wondering where our socks have been disappearing, but I found out that our dog had a stash of them behind the ottoman.. :D You can see his face change to guilty when I asked what he had in his mouth. So cute x>

Lastly just some random pictures.

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