keskiviikko 22. kesäkuuta 2016

Snake babies!!


We decided to try and breed our cornsnakes, because it's been my dream since I was 8 years old. We tried to get our cornsnakes Yennefer and Geralt to copulate, and they did that a few times. Yennefer is  a snow morph, and Geralt is a ghost stripe. That means we probably will get anery babies. I will add a picture of a anery stripe if I can find one. Snow morph is made from anery+amela, and ghost from anery+hypo I believe. They might get a stripe pattern, or not. I don't know their secondary genes, since they were rescues, so there might be few suprises when the babies hatch. We introduced them to each other about a month ago, and last week Yennefer showed signs of definetly being pregnant, and she was looking for a place to lay her eggs. So I made her a place. I guess she didn't like it (even though she spent most of her time there), since today we found a clutch of 11 eggs in her hide. <3 All of the eggs looked good, and not one seemed to be empty. They are now in an incubator, and will hatch around 60 days if everything goes as planned. Baby mommy seems to be in a good condition, and she has eaten and drank a lot. Not much of her weight is missing, though it seems that all the eggs are out. I need to observe her carefully the next couple of weeks, to see if they all actually came out and if she's feeling good. If the eggs don't come out, it could mean the death of her. Breeding is never done lightly, and you must be aware of the risks. And the fact that no one may not want to buy the babies, and like in my case, you would be stuck with 11 more snakes in your house. I'm confident that they will get sold quite easily, since there are not many breeders in our area. And if not, I have space for them in our home. I will be keeping at least one, we'll see once they hatch and if they all start eating properly etc. I'm so excited! I may have cried a tiny bit when I found the eggs.. Okay, a lot. My hands were shaking and I was having goosebumbs all over my body and crying. Attractive. :D So, here's the eggs. Aren't they pretty! They will double their size during these two months. Temperature must be kept around 29 celcius, and about 70/80% humidity. Not once can the temperature rise over 32 celcius, because that would kill the embryos, or cause severe mutations.

That's the anery stripe morph I was talking about. Photo is from Ian's vivarium site, which is a really great site of lots of knowledge about cornsnakes.

We had an exciting day today with most of our snakes. Our dumeril's boa Zevran decided to eat with her ass hanging out of the terrarium, so I had to put her back inside. Luckily she was too busy strangling the mouse that she didn't even realized that I had to touch her. :D I would have had a snake dangling out of my hand otherwise lol. Our newest boa constrictor is shedding her skin right now, for the first time in our home. It's going good, allthough it has taken her all day. She takes naps in between shedding x> 

I will update about the process more during these few months and will probably make a video about it too. But that's it for this time. have a happy midsummer and don't drink too much! <3

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