tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2016

Makeup haul

I ordered some makeup from beautybay few weeks ago. I wanted to try everything properly and with time so I can make a good rewiew. Beautybay is a great place to get makeup you can't find anywhere in Finland, like stila, too faced, illamasqua etc. It has free shipping for orders over 25€ if I remember correctly. I always use beautybay or eleven to get makeup. Also a tip; if you want makeup that is only sold in the usa, use myus.com to get usa shipping adress and they will forward the package to you. :) But now onto the makeup!

I wanted to try morphe eyeshadows, because people rave about them. They are a very cheap brand that makes quality products. I bought the morphe 35B palette which has many bright colors. Most of the colors are great quality, and few need some extra building up. They are very blendable, have good pigment and the red colors wont stain my lids. There are shimmery, matte and foiled shadows.

I bought VERY cheap 'lip glosses' from ebay. They dry down to a satin/ matte finish and are pretty opaque. I have navy blue, violet, green, black and dark purple. Even though they dry down like a liquid lipstick, they have a lip gloss sheernes. If you want them to be totally opaque, just use a lipliner or a lipstick underneath. I use these with lipliners. They are easiest to take off with olive oil, like any liquid to matte formula. They have that very dry feeling, but wont cling on to dry patches if you exfoliate and put lip balm on. For 1€, these are great.

I needed a new liquid eyeliner, since they have done something to the wet n wild eyeliner formula, it crumbles off in minutes. :/ Top two are from H&M. Top one is a felt tip liner with a very small tip. I can't recommend that one, it's not totally black, you can't get enough color to come out and the tip is too bendy. Second one is a basic liquid eyeliner with a felt tip. This one dries down to a perfect matte, doesn't crumble even when shading eyeshadow over it and stays on really well. Third one is Aye aye captain very black liquid eyeliner. This one is a very good product too, but it's only downfall is that it's very hard to take off even with waterproof makeup remover.

These are from H&M too, the eye color to go shadow sticks. They stay on really good, don't crease if you set them and use a eyeshadow primer, are very opaque and creamy. I will propably buy more colors.

This one everyone raves about.. The prettt new loreal cushion foundation. It's good for dry skin, but if I was very oily I wouldn't use it. It has a sheer to medium coverage, and it's buildable. Looks really nice on the skin and feels weightless. The only reason why I wont buy this again, is that is lasts such a little time! There is so little product and it costs 19€. I haven't even used it for 3 weeks and it's empty. My mac studio fix fluid has last me about 3 month and it isn't even near to be finished.
I needed a glitter glue, so I thought I would dry elf's. Nothing bad to say about it, works great and keeps all fallout to minimum. Really like this one.

I needed a new concealer, but these didn't work for me. Which pisses me off, because the Stila one waa over 25€ for such a little tube and I can't use it. Both of these crease like hell, looks cakey, doesn't blend well and clings to every dry patch and texture on your skin. Total no no's for me.

I don't use blushes a lot, and when I do, I just use a light wash of color on my cheeks. La girl has cheap prices and good quality makeup. I haven't bought anything from them that I didn't like, and this wasn't an exeption. Everything blends good, has great pigment, isn't patchy etc. The highlighter has some glitter in it, so if you don't like that, maybe stray away from this palette.

Last but not least, beautybay's own palette called flawless rose. As you can see, it has rosy, soft tones. The case is very cheap looking, and the thing where the eyeshadows are in, doesn't stay put. Colors have very little pigment and are very chalky. I wont propably use this at all.

Well that was it! I hope you found some good information in this and enjoyed the post. Bye! ^^