torstai 11. helmikuuta 2016


Got into writing mood yesterday night, I couldn't sleep and swallow the sun's music always gets me to do something creative. I've had a artist block for couple of months, I haven't painted or written at all.. Maybe that will get better. :) Anyhow, here's the poem.

She stands by the abyss 
Shadows around her soul 
And the ground crumbles under her feet 
She falls down on her knees 

Heart full of the starry nights 
In this void of humanity 
She reaches down to find 
Her morning star 
Trying to offer her broken heart 
And the angel that never dies 
Rises and touches her arm 

In her blackest hours 
Nightmares of yesterday's sorrows 
He fills her with his eternal flame
She rises 
Fire burning in her eyes 
As she dances with the fallen 
Stronger than ever 
She takes the justice 
And unleashes her unending rage 
The scum of earth

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