torstai 11. helmikuuta 2016

My week

My week in pictures. I had a date night with my love, we went to a restaurant and then spent couple of days together. This was my makeup.. 

I wanted to try some new makeup brushes and eyeshadows, so far I really like them. Tattoo isn't itching so badly anymore, it's almost healed.. I have to buy a new phone since my current one is actually falling to pieces, but after that I'll save up for a new tattoo... ^^

My love got me witcher 3 as a present (!!!!!) so when I'm home I just play and play and play.. I love it<3 Though I have few complaints about the horse riding and some of the scenes with ciri lags really badly..

Kitty has been her loud self. That's her please gimme scratches and cuddles-face. She gets all cute and starry eyed and I just can't help but to spoil her. ^^

And a random blueberrypie at the end.

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