maanantai 2. marraskuuta 2015

Release the bats

I have had the most fun in a long time, met some new people, got chinese, spend lots of time with my love and friends and finally had a halloween party. I had to cancel my own halloween party, so we decided to celebrate with a small group and go to the Release the bats-party in Laterna. Everyone had such well put-together outfits and the costumes were amazing! I don't know who won the costume contest, but I have to guess either predator or frankenstein's monster. By the way, if the frankenstein's monster's girlfriend is reading this, it was nice to meet you! :D I didn't have a costume ready since I thought I wouldn't be able to do a halloween party this year, so I just put something together and smeared myself with black and blood. I got to do my love's corpse paint and my friend's neon skull too. And finally I had someone to take a picture of my new boa, Zevran. She's so big that I can't hold her with one arm and take a photo with another so.. :D She is so cute and lovely and sweet <3But onto the pictures! Hope you all had a perfect halloween. :)

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