tiistai 20. lokakuuta 2015

Lately I have been depressed

So it's been a while again. Haven't really had any energy to write, or to do anything else... I don't have any classes this fall so I started to go to a workshop just to have something to do. I go there to paint and sosialize a bit, because I have been a hermit for way too long. It's just that I can't sleep and my sleeping pills don't work (again) so I have been walking around like a zombie for the past few weeks. There has been a death in the family too, funeral is next weekend.. I'll get back to this when I feel a bit better.

Atleast it has been really beautiful autumn :) I got my new snakes too, sadly I don't have any good pictures of them yet. I did finally decide what to call them though; corallus hortulanus is Leliana and the dumerils boa is Zevran (From dragon age of course..  ^^) I found myself a christmas present too, a baby super mojave morph of a royal python! ♡ She is ready to move when she has eaten about 5 times, so around christmas time. She is reeeeeeeeally small and cute and beautifull and mesmerizing and and ♡ ♡♡

And a makeup thingy from a day I actually did something nice. There has been a certain someone making my days happier.. :)

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