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The darkling tag/ The goth tag

So, I decided to change the language to english since it's easier for me in a way. And I have few foreign readers too, I hope this will be better for them too. It's time for another tag, this time I decided to combine these two; the goth tag and the darkling tag. This is going to be really long, congrats if you make it to the end lol.

The goth tag:

1. How long have you been goth?
- Umm well. I started to listen like evanescence, HIM, nightwish etc when I was nine. My favorite was, and is, my dying bride though. I also listened to pop and stuff and didn't have a clue what goth was. When I was 11, this new girl moved to our school and she dressed a bit gothic, more like metal- type person. That was when I figured goth was a thing and I could actually look like what I felt inside. So I'm gonna say, been gothic all my life, but the outside change started happening around 11-12 year old. The picture is when I was 14 but it's the youngest I found.

2. How were you introduced to goth?
- Woops I already answered to this one. Well.

3. What gothic sub-genre would you put yourself into?
- I don't really like this question, since I'm just trying to look like myself, not like a goth.

4. What do you believe to be the base of gothic culture?
- I'm gonna say music combined with victorian fashion. It's been around a long time, just became more ovbious to people in the last 50 years or so.

5. What do you dislike about being a goth?
- It's hard to get a job where I can look like myself, people are always going to be narrow-minded and be mean and it's hard to find affordable decor I like. But those are just little things.

6. What do your parents think about it?
- Well my mom did not like me dressing like this when I was younger and tried to stop me with all her power. And I don't want to get into that more than that since it contains way too much personal stuff. My dad has always been accepting, I remember him asking "Did you really have to" when I dyed my hair bright green, but that was it. He has been awesome.

7. Eyebrows or no?
- If no eyebrow look suits you, or you know how to actually draw on eyebrows that don't look ridiculous, go for it. Otherwise, stick to your given brows. I shaved mine off because they are really really bushy, uneven and just literally really, really bad looking even when groomed.

8. What is your favorite band?
- My dying bride.

9. What are your thoughts about Marilyn manson?
- I don't know why this question is here, but okay. I like his early work and the newest album a lot. I have read that book of his, but don't really have an opinion about him since I don't know him. Who can really say what he's like?

10. What were your babybat years like?
- Hehe oh god. Bad and great at the same time. :D My makeup was awful, clothes were nice, I was young and naive. The usual :)

The Darkling tag:

1. Favorite candle scent?
- Well as you know I can't use scented candles, but I love the smell of cinnamon and lilac flowers.

2. Favorite book?
- Christopher Paolini's Eragorn series and Brian Jaques's Redwall series. I have tons of others too, but that would take forever.

3. Tea or coffee?
- Can't stand neither of them.

4. Favorite lipstick?
- MN generation two long lasting liquid to matte lipsticks. They cost like 88cents on Ebay, have a wide range of colors, stay on reeeeeally well and have a nice texture.

5. Celebrity crush?
- Don't have one, but I do admire Nocturne's and Roseshock's makeup.

6. What color would you wear if you couldn't wear black?
- Purple, dark red and pink.

7. Three best tips for looking gorgeous when it's really hot outside?
- I always carry a fan with me during the summer. It helps a lot. Light-material clothes, avoid pvc clothing etc.

8. Best song ever?
- Nngggh. I'm supposed to pick one? I can say what's my most listened to at this moment; Falluah- dried out cities.

9. Are you artistic?
- Yes.

10. If you got engraving on something, what would it say?
- "Ja minä nousen vaikka putoan."  Translates to And I will rise even if I fall.

11. Best non-gothic thing to do?
- Weird question, allthough I get the point. Listening to Sistar- Shake it and baking pink muffins in my mint green, polka dotted apron.

12. What supernatural creature would you be?
- The easy answer is vampire, but being a witch, griffon or an elven being would be awesome too.

13. What monster superpower would you have?
- Flying or invisibility. Or transmutation.

14. Do you feel confident to interract with other goth people?
- Well yes of course. Why wouldn't I? They are just people like me.

15. Makeup or hair greatness?
- Makeup since I can't do shit to my hair.

16. Something you wish goth culture would have/ wouldn't have?
- Discmination towards other goth sub-cultures than your own would be a thing looking nice in the trash can.

17. Embarrasing goth tale?
- I don't really have any.

18. Do you DIY?
- Yes.

19. Tell quickly how your dream wedding would be like?
- I want one that shows the love we would have and both of our personalities. And I would like it to be during autumn.

True or false:

1. I love romantic movies
- Eww no. They make me really uncomfortable.

2. I always wash my makeup off before going to bed
- Yes.

3. I sleep with plushies
- I would if I had any.

4. I wear non-black pajamas
- Yep.

5. I listen to a boyband like n'sync
- Nope.

6. I think Andrew Eldritch was overrated
- No.

7. I don't like vampires
- Yes I dooooo.

8. I don't like clubs
- Depends what club and what the music is like. In general, I do like clubbing.

9. I'm dating a gothic person
- Yess

10. I don't enjoy graveyards
- Yes I do.

I was thirteen. 

11. Blood makes me quesy
- Hah no

12. I'd sooner faint than pet a spider
- Well I do have a spider but I don't pet them, they don't really like it.

13. I don't like haunted houses
- If it was a real haunted house, I would go but I'm pretty sure I would be terrified.

14. I never read Dracula
- Of course I have.

15. I think that "Bela lugosi is dead" is a long and boring song
- I don't think it's boring, though I don't listen to Diary of dreams a lot.

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