maanantai 20. huhtikuuta 2015

Sorry for the blog silence!

Well you know when sometimes life gets in the way of bloggin.. or painting.. or people..
Olen runoillut ja siitä varmaan tulee selville muutaman viikon tapahtumat.

Kopsattu mun runosivustolta;

Who is that woman looking at me?
Those are NOT my eyes
They are full of tears, so full of loss
That person has given up
And has no will to see this through..

Did she just throw up? Really?
What the hell is she thinking about?
She used to be so strong, nothing could take her down
She knew, that she would get back to top again
Not anymore.

Now there is nothing else inside
But failure
Just total fucking failure

She is crying her heart out
Maybe the last little bits of her soul too
That nobody thought she had
Those eyes are too much for anyone to look at
Much less me.

I don't know myself
And I don't want to.
I am done.
Mutta kuten aina, elämä voittaa ja kaikkea kivaakin on tapahtunut. :) Päivittelen ostoksia huomenna ja muuta sellaista. Tämä oli vaan pikapäivitys että täällä ollaan ;D