tiistai 15. joulukuuta 2015


Helööö lovelies! I'm sorry that I have been absent for so long. I was reaaally sick for a couple of weeks and to top that off I got an eye infection to BOTH eyes :D Meds for that cost me way over 50€ (well mum, because I was skinned and had to ask her to help so thanks mom♡). Blaah. Thankfully I am healthy now, I was sick for over a month o.o

I went to visit my brother for the weekend a while back, and did a super quick visit to Joensuu as well. I wanted to see my dad and grandma but I had only two hours free time. Glad I made it though. :) I have been playing dragon age inquisition a lot, going to the workshop and playing with makeup. And of course snuggling with my love and pets. He has the cutest dog!

Now I'm just waiting (and very much dreading) for my dentist appointment, which is in two weeks. I have to get my root canal fixed in one tooth and it's scaring the crap out of me. :< I am really really afraid of the dentist and I mean in a way that I have a panic attack every time I have to go. That's why I only use expensive dentists and have to save up a few months for one appoinment..

Well here's few photos from past weeks so I don't just ramble on all night!
Went to the American diner with Roni, the food was awesome. And of course company too!

sunnuntai 15. marraskuuta 2015

Photo challenge

This is a 30 days of photos- challenge but I decided to just do it all in one post, since I would probably forget about this in a few days.. :D

1. Your facebook profile photo:

2. A photo of yourself a year ago:
At Freakangel's gig in Vastavirta club.

3. A photo of the last place you went on holiday:
At my brother's in Varkaus.

4. A photo that makes you happy:
I have very fond memories of this trip. I went to see Michael in england few years ago and we went to the Bloodstock festival. It was the best vacation ever. <3

5. A photo of you:

6. A photo that makes you laugh:
Hehe when we were about 14 years.. :D

7. A photo of someone you love:

8. A photo of your favorite artist:

9.A photo of your family:

10. A photo of you as a baby:
Couldn't find any baby photos, but I think I'm about three in this one.

11. A photo of your favorite movie:

12. A photo of you:

13. A photo of your best friend:

14. A photo of your favorite family members:
Didn't want to choose any person because that's quite awful, so I chose one from my furry family.

15. A photo of you and someone you love:

16. A photo of you at the last party you went to:

17. A drunk photo of you:

18.A photo of one of your classes:
I don't have any photos from when I was in school, but this was the first ever schoolwork I did in my photoshop- classes. Didn't go well........... :D

19. A photo of you on a school trip:
We went to Koli for a week, and got bored so we decided to play with makeup and take some photos. :D

20. A photo of something you enjoy doing:
My latest painting. My mom wanted me to paint something with fairies and flowers, she wanted to give my aunt a painting for a present on her birthday.

21. A photo of you standing up:

22. A photo of your town:

Datek deviantart

23. A photo of your pets:
Kitty is Ruska, salmon boa constrictor Tyrael, hypo motley corn snake Evelyn, Super masque corn snake Serana, normal corallus hortulanus Leliana and acrantophis dumerili Zevran. <3

24. A photo of you where your hair looks nice in:

25. A photo of a night you loved:
Bloodstock 2013.

26. A photo of your favorite weekend:
Also Bloodstock 2013.

27. A photo of last summer:

28. A photo of what you did today:
I went to the Käsityömessut with my mom and she bought me some reeeeeally pretty things :3

29. A photo of you outside:
Picked this because I still miss this little sweetheart <3 I want a cow! I mean really, I have wanted one since I was 5.

30. A photo of you when you were happy:

maanantai 9. marraskuuta 2015

Dreary nights

I have been really sick lately and spend the last week on bed. Today was the first day fever-free, so I packed some stuff and went to stay with my love for a few days. It's really weird to have someone who's company I actually miss, I never feel that way. Weird and wonderfull.

I had so much time to think about blogideas while I was sick, get ready to see posts more frequently!I'm trying to post at least once a week. I also got a tattoo appointment! :3 I'm going to get a very dear sentence for me spelled with runes (I've had this idea since I was 11 years old so it's about god damn time too), and two lucifer sigils on my collar bones. I'm so excited that I don't know how I'm supposed to wait a few months for it o.o

I have also picked out my next one, I want my lovely corallus hortulanus Leliana made like the one in this picture; 

 And some gelmetric stuff around her. All very delicate and no colors. I think it will look awesome. And cost me a fortune too! :D

maanantai 2. marraskuuta 2015

Release the bats

I have had the most fun in a long time, met some new people, got chinese, spend lots of time with my love and friends and finally had a halloween party. I had to cancel my own halloween party, so we decided to celebrate with a small group and go to the Release the bats-party in Laterna. Everyone had such well put-together outfits and the costumes were amazing! I don't know who won the costume contest, but I have to guess either predator or frankenstein's monster. By the way, if the frankenstein's monster's girlfriend is reading this, it was nice to meet you! :D I didn't have a costume ready since I thought I wouldn't be able to do a halloween party this year, so I just put something together and smeared myself with black and blood. I got to do my love's corpse paint and my friend's neon skull too. And finally I had someone to take a picture of my new boa, Zevran. She's so big that I can't hold her with one arm and take a photo with another so.. :D She is so cute and lovely and sweet <3But onto the pictures! Hope you all had a perfect halloween. :)